I recently heard from Reggie’s family with a note and a video. He’s doing great!

Please see the attached video from Reggie’s first year (Echo and Logan liter)! We can’t believe he is already 1. He enjoyed some peanut butter with his breakfast and will get a steak for dinner to celebrate.

He loves the snow, fetch, any and all food, rope toys, and being close to his family. He doesn’t like to let us out of his sight on hikes (at least we know he won’t run away!). He rides nicely on the T to visit friends and see his trainer in for Dorchester. Now that he’s older, we will start to bring him on runs along the Esplanade in Boston. This year with Reggie was so wonderful, we can’t wait to see what the future holds! Thank you for the gift of Reggie!
Thank you, Paige & John for the update!
Reggie’s First Year