Just heard from Caoimhe’s family, who sent along a couple photos as well.

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know Caoimhe is doing well. She is growing fast. I swear she is bigger each day. She is learning more commands, and her recall is coming along nicely. I finally have her obeying the “drop it” command, which I need more and more since she is into everything.
She is still chewing rocks, but I have been working with her and it isn’t quite the obsession she had with them as a younger puppy. Any advice on this would be appreciated. She has broken a couple of her puppy teeth already and I don’t want her damaging her adult teeth.
We went to some puppy classes already, and I have her enrolled in some obedience classes starting in August. They don’t start training dogs ( and owners) until the dogs are at least 6 months old. But I continue to work with her everyday. Her fetch is doing well and she brings the object thrown back to me at my feet. So proud of her. Also, she has had all her vaccinations now, and came through them fine.
Thank you, Tammie, for the update.
Caoimhe First Year