Welcome to the home of Starwood Kennel. We have been breeding Weimaraners for over 25 years.

Our foundation dogs, Echo and Jessie, were both excellent specimens of the breed. Each with their own unique strengths, they provided a strong foundation of outstanding quality from which to move forward in our endeavor to preserve and improve the Weimaraner breed.

From Echo and Roscoe (himself the #1 Weimaraner in the country in 1998) came Martha Stewart of Starwood Kennel. Martha was an exquisite bitch of excellent conformation and temperament. She possessed the true spirit of a Weimaraner: resourceful, intelligent and mischievous yet gentle and incredibly kind.

From that breeding, the Starwood bloodline has only continued to flourish as we selectively breed dogs that not only meet the AKC standard but that compliment each other in body and mind. Our breeding program is more than just about what we accomplish in the show ring; we strive to produce a balanced and sound dog that will be a beloved family companion for many years to come.

In 2015 I had the honor of showing Marco, (GCHP Reinhard V Dietz, CGC, TKN) a dog I own and bred, at the Weimaraner National Show and was awarded Best of Opposite Sex and Owner Handler Best of Breed. Following that win Marco was professionally handled by Amy Tourond who showed him throughout 2017 and 2018, culminating in Marco’s recognition as the No. 1 Weimaraner in the country for 2018.

We remain committed to building on our program always striving to protect the integrity of the Weimaraner and enrich the health, temperament and conformation of the breed we love so dearly. Please reach out to arrange a visit with our canine family—they love visitors as much as we enjoy sharing our passion for the breed with you.