I very recently heard from Colleen, Shaemus’ owner. It’s always so sad losing one of our family members:

“It is with a heavy heart that I send this email.

My dog Shaemus has passed away after giving us 11 years of the most unconditional love.

Shaemus came from Gretta’s litter in early 2009.

I cannot thank you enough for matching him with me. He was an absolute dream and will be missed terribly.

He was a beautiful dog and he had such a sweet temperament. He was the ultimate Weimaraner: handsome, lively, and full of love.

His death was unexpected and was the result of surgery complications following an intestinal blockage. Otherwise, he was impressively healthy and we expected a few more years with him.

I want to thank you again for breeding such a wonderful dog. He was cared for and loved so much.”


In Memory of Shaemus