I recently heard from Lia’s family.

I just wanted to send along an email to say thank you!  Our Weim Lia turned 15 years old today.  She was Born on March 11, 2008 and we picked her up from you 8 weeks after that.  Her moms name started with a G I think, Gretta comes to mind but I’m not sure if that is correct? She is mostly deaf and losing her eye sight, but she is still getting around pretty well when she isn’t lounging on the couch.  She has been an amazing dog and a natural protector of our 2 daughters that were born while she was still young. She loves hiking, dock jumping (though we could never get her to compete as she would never jump into a pool) and doing tricks like jumping through hoops or opening the door to let herself inside and then turning around to close the door behind her.  She has shocked lots of people over the years with her smarts and huge bag of tricks.  She has always been and will forever be our sweetheart.  Thanks for breeding and choosing such an amazing dog for us!

Happy Birthday, Lia! Thanks for the update!

Lia Turns 15