Hi Gale,
Just wanted to drop you a note to say that Beckham is doing VERY well and adjusting to his new home.. The boys absolutely love him and he has bonded with them very quickly. He has a great temperament and wonderful personality.. We have brought him to the Vet and he commented that he was genetically perfect!  He commented on all of the Weimaraner characteristics being absolutely perfect including his bite.  The most amazing thing about our Vet visit was that we brought the detailed booklet that you set up for us and the Vet Assistant.. walks in and says “Is that Martha!” We were shocked that she recognized Martha from the photo cover. Her name was Holly White.. she said that she had worked in your kennel for you in the past and had wonderful things to say about you as breeder and the quality and care that you put into your pups. I just thought it was a small world and wanted to update you so you would know Beckham is doing well.