I thought I’d touch base with you and share a wonderful picture that I recently took of our girl, Starwood’s Macy Gray at 9 years old, tomorrow. She is still my steadfast partridge hunting companion, albeit we are both moving a bit slower and don’t quite have the all-day stamina that we had when she was a pup. I’d say we’ve grown older quite well together and we’re a good match. :- )

We hope you are healthy and all is well with her Starwood Kennel family. Macy is truly the most loving, faithful and obedient canine companion I have ever had bless my home. She is ever graceful, gentle, and attentive, and even our country neighbors love her when she wanders over for a visit and to sniff around their bird feeders.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Rick & Beth Miller
Wells, Maine

Macy in repose

Macy Gray