I heard from Smokey’s family this week.

Kimberly and I wanted to reach out and let you know how Smokey is doing. He is an energetic, bouncing boy for sure but he is as sweet as they come. He loves people, and he has become such a wonderful part of our family in no time at all!

He is currently in his obedience training courses and we are working to get him his puppy star and CGC certifications.

We’ve done some limited handling work with him, but he does not seem to enjoy it very much. It may be something we revisit as he gets more comfortable with his general obedience training. I’m attaching some pictures from his time with us so far so you can see just how much he has grown!

Thank you again for forever changing our lives with our Smokey and we hope these photos of him can bring you a fraction of the joy he brings us!



Smokey @ 8 months