I recently heard from Caoimhe’s Mom with a note, photo and video. At the end of December she celebrated her 1st Birthday too.

Caoimhe’s is doing very well. I love her to pieces. She is bright, energetic, and a well-developed thief. Here is a photo of her at 3 months and on her first birthday Christmas Eve and a very short video after she opened her birthday gift. She is a cuddly, sweetheart.  She loves to run, of course, and is quite the social butterfly at her obedience classes.
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We also had a follow up for the snow photos!

Just wanted to let you know Caoimhe’s doing well. We had a huge snowfall (for our area) a couple days ago with a little over 10 inches of snow. Caoimhe was in heaven!…

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Thank you, Tam, for the update!
Caoimhe’s First Snow & First birthday!