Bob continues to impress, he is wonderful with everyone. It’s so wonderful to have a dog and not be worried about who he interacts with, he is so well behaved. He definitely aced his training, and continues to work on his tricks!
It seems every time I am out for a walk with him, I get stopped and the comments on how beautiful he is and what great features he has roll in. The compliments do not stop, and I am always saying what a great experience we had with Starwood Kennels.
Bob was also present at all the 30+ Softball games in town this spring/summer so ya, he made the poster that hung up in a local restaurant. He’s becoming quite the dog around town.
Thank you again for our little guy, he is the best!
Lisa and Darrick
bobbarkerposter bobbarker
Bob Barker (10/21/13 litter)